Almost every hostess dreams of a functional and not cluttered kitchen. However, a small area of the room often does not allow you to apply all the imagination of the owner in the interior of a small kitchen. It is not easy to turn a room of limited size into a stylish and functional room. But one should  not despair. For most experts in the field of interior design  a kitchen of modest size is no longer a sentence. In addition, modern technologies in the field of ergonomic furniture and technology allow you to do it without much loss for practicality and functionality.

In the interior of a small kitchen it is preferable to use the furniture of light pastel shades. They do not weigh down the room and it looks more spacious. It is very important to consider the storage system. High cabinets that preferably reach the ceiling, not only help to conveniently place the necessary things, but also to visually expand the space. You can also use the window sill. Placement of small kitchen depends on  the location of doors and windows. Our designers can tell if it is possible to make it  straight or will with  right angles. 

Facade material-MDF, film coating or enamel. Each consumer will find his own shade among more than 150 colors. We will offer accessories individually depending on the functional load of the kitchen. The working surface of the table top can be made of artificial stone or plastic.

A small kitchen is not a sentence, but a reason to switch on your fantasy.