Kitchen in modern style - "Riviera"

There are many variants of kitchen design, but Art Nouveau style  is the most popular among them. What is so attractive about it? Art Nouveau style is the maximum combination of comfort and functionality, which brings the hostess a sense of satisfaction from its use. 

Clear geometry allows you to plan the location of the kitchen design in the most comfortable way, based on the space of the room. The configuration can be varied: straight, angular, U-shaped, parallel, with the addition of the island. We will make any project that will satisfy all your wishes.

“Riviera” kitchen –  one of the most popular models.

We do not make standard modules, which allows us to use at maximum al the space  and does not limit the creative flight of the client. The facade is the face of the kitchen, it determines its style. In this model, we offer facades made of MDF with  enamel or film coating (we use film of high quality, made in Italy). According to the color scheme, we will offer more than 150 shades. Accessories will be selected individually, everything will depend on the design and functionality of the kitchen.

Countertop is the most loaded and often the most expensive part of the kitchen. The most common  countertops are made of plastic, artificial stone and natural stone. We will help you to choose the countertop according to design and your personal preferences.