2018 design line

Lightness, naturalness and warmth are the key features of the Provence style kitchen. Kitchen in the style of Provence means no glamour and artificiality, as well as filling the interior with natural materials and fabrics, pleasant to the touch. If you are particularly attracted to this style, you should forget about glossy surfaces, as well as plastic and chrome elements. Imagine the kitchen of a real country house: light pastel shades, decorative curtains on the windows, wicker baskets on the shelves. There is an atmosphere of freedom and comfort that contributes to a pleasant pastime. A little naive, but a good image will inspire the hostess to prepare delicious and healthy meals for the whole family, and the time spent in the comfort of picturesque cuisine will pass quickly and easily.

Our designers have developed a kitchen model “Louise” in the style of Provence. This model will perfectly fit into the design of a country house, but we can also develop an individual project for kitchens of smaller dimensions in a multi-storey building.

A characteristic features of the style of Provence are facades with milling, our company can offer several options for milling and even develop an individual for you. Milling of facades can be distinguished by patina, which will create the effect of worn surface or aging of the facade. At the request of the customer, the facades can be decorated with additional  elements or artistic milling, their  lightness and elegance will create a romantic mood.

It is recommended to choose household appliances in the same style, cause they  should fit harmoniously into the interior and become an integral part of the composition.

It is preferable to make the working surface of the kitchen of natural or artificial stone. We will provide a wide range of colors.