design by Ficus

Why  do many people choose minimalism in the design of a room? This style implies simplicity and practicality, the placement of the pieces of furniture and accessories should be justified and really necessary. This approach frees up space, the room becomes spacy.

Kitchen in the style of minimalism can be decorated in any color. Modern materials -glass, metal, plastic –  are often used for this style.

If you choose wood for decoration, then pay attention to smooth and even surfaces, natural texture should not be noticeable.

Glossy and shiny surfaces are very suitable for kitchen design in the style of minimalism (countertops, furniture facades). Clear, straight lines should be taken as a basis.Minimalism is perfect for small kitchens, because in a small room there is no space for massive furniture and additional accessories.

Stylistic direction is considered to be technological, because it is not necessary to Hide  kitchen appliances  behind the facades, they  will decorate the interior. You can create an interior in a relaxed style, using furniture with wooden facades, classic shades and combinations. But the principle of the organization of space should remain unchanged – nothing excessive, only the necessary furniture and accessories.

Jazz Kitchen is the embodiment of restraint and nobility. Its body is made of chipboard, and the facades can be covered with high-quality Italian film or enamel. Hinged cabinets are combined with open shelves, which dilute the rigor of the design. Shelves can be combined in any order. In this direct model, the oven can be placed both under the stove and in a separate cabinet next to the refrigerator.

We will develop any configuration of your kitchen according to your requirements and capabilities