Design by Ficus team

Psychology of smooth lines in design. Shapes, lines, sizes of objects around us play a much greater role in our lives than we think. Many people believe that the rounded shape of the furniture, the curves of the facades, the layered surface of the ceiling is just a way to decorate the items, and without these decorations it is possible to do. But that’s not exactly true. What makes them so popular? Lines change visual perception. With their help, you can visually expand or reduce the space, disguise irregular shapes. Even in the smallest apartment you can find opportunities to place curves  and smooth lines. Curved lines pacify, lead to inner harmony. Subconsciously, they evoke associations with natural motifs: the flowing smoothness of rivers, the softness of green hills. With their help, you can create a very poetic interior that will promote relaxation.

Kitchens with a bent facade have gained popularity among our customers. Rounded design looks much more attractive than rectangular compositions. Safety is determined by the features of the structure, namely the absence of sharp corners. Rounded surfaces allow you to divide the space into functional areas.

This model is called “Dune”, due to its smooth and rounded lines.

The material of the facades  –  MDF, covered with enamel. Among more than 150 colors each consumer will find his or her  own shade. You can also use a film coating or veneer. We will pick up accessories individually depending on ergonomics of your kitchen. Of course, they will be produced by the world’s best manufacturers of accessories.

Material  of the countertop for this model of kitchen  –  artificial stone, as artificial stone helps to create a perfect surface without seams, joints, the surface of the desired shape, with all the required bends. And this material looks stylish and rich.

The visor of the kitchen repeats all its smooth shapes and visually emphasizes the border.

We will work with you to develop your individual model project of “Duna”