High-Tech kitchen - design by Fikus

High-Tech kitchen is the embodiment of high technology. There is minimum of decor and furniture, but a lot of glass and metal, chrome and nickel, modern (necessarily innovative) technology and “smart” automation. The main colors are cold, achromatic: white, gray, black. It is allowed  to add a bright accent color, but even without it the kitchen in the style of high-tech looks impressive. There are usually no textiles in this interior. As decoration we can use not only household appliances with metallic texture, but also led lighting with different scenarios.

Crystal Kitchen  is decorated in high-tech style. The minimalist facades, in the form of a simple smooth panels of gloss-painted MDF . The upper facades can be opened with a light touch using the TIP-on system manufactured by Blum. This composition is accompanied by the “island”, which serves as an additional working surface. The end of the “island” gently joins the dining table. All work surfaces are made of artificial stone. Kitchen cabinets are up  to the ceiling level in the niche for maximum use of space.

If you like this model, we will design it individually for your needs.