Why us?

Full-service.  Ordering a kitchen from us, you get a free kitchen project of your dreams, exact implementation of the project, professional delivery and installation.

High product quality.  We offer the best kitchens, made by European technologies, using materials and components only from trusted and leading manufacturers. Materials used in the production  are of the highest quality and have certificates of conformity. Ficus Studio is a modern production and team of professionals. And it means that you get from us the qualitative furniture having a warranty period of 2 years.

Favorable terms of cooperation.  We are not intermediaries as we have own production where you can see both the process of production, and the furniture made by us. Over 20 years of work, we have extensive experience in the implementation of projects in order to avoid “pitfalls” in the manufacture of furniture. Our company has the production capacities allowing to execute the order of any complexity. We have well-equipped production and all necessary equipment for the full cycle of production of furniture, starting from the production of facades and table-tops from an artificial stone. You have a unique opportunity to purchase furniture of European quality at an affordable price, since ordering furniture in our studio you pay only for the materials and work of masters, without overpaying to intermediaries!

Quality service.  Our professional and experienced staff will perform the work in full accordance with the design project and in compliance with the most advanced technologies. The pride of our company is the relationships with Customers, with most of whom we  have  really long-term friendly relations. Taking care and hearing our customers are our top priorities.

Protection of your rights.  Ficus-studio is running officially. When ordering a kitchen, we conclude a contract with you, thanks to which you get a legal guarantee of receipt of the goods within the specified time, and we have the guarantee  of the solvency of the client.