About company

Before the revolution in the house of nobles it was considered to be a good manner to keep a ficus at home. According to legend, the ficus brought good luck to the house and contributed to the well-being of the family. In addition, the a ficus was an exotic and fashionable plant, it decorated the house and made it cozy and lively . Sooner or later, each of us has to change the furniture in the house. More and more often people want to order furniture of individual sizes, the furniture that fits perfectly into the format of the room, fills an empty niche, and the color will be optimally combined with the interior. 

Ficus-studio is a confidently prosperous company, engaged in production of furniture since 1998! Our furniture company is engaged in development, production and realization of Cabinet furniture

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for kitchen, a bathroom, a drawing room, a hall, a bedroom, a nursery, also office furniture and the trade equipment. The high quality of our furniture is achieved through the use of modern equipment and advanced technologies. The furniture is made according to the individual project.

Furniture manufacturing is a complex and multi-step process, but

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for our client it consists only of 4 steps:

1. Free design project
2. Free measurement
3. Furniture production
4. Delivery and assembly

Over 20 years of work in the sphere, we have extensive experience in the implementation of projects to avoid “pitfalls” in the manufacture of furniture. Our company has the production capacities allowing to execute the order of any complexity. We have well equipped production and all necessary equipment by means of which the full cycle of production of furniture is carried out, starting from the production of facades, table-tops from an artificial stone and finishing with installation of furniture at the customer’s place.

Models are developed by qualified designers, technologists and masters.

We keep abreast of the times! Efficient use of space is appreciated by many of our contemporaries. And if the design project has masterfully balanced characteristics such as compactness and versatility, as well as the optimal use of the area and size of your room, it can be a loud application for our success in your eyes and in your space!